The Aligned Action International Accredited Coach Training Program

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Veselin Vasilkovic & Veselka Tsocheva-Donkova

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The Aligned Action International Accredited Coach Training Program (ICF ACTP) is a comprehensive coach training course that prepares the participant to enter the profession as a certified coach.
Our models and perspectives center on self-leadership. Too often we try to bully ourselves to stir up motivation for what we brand as “good for us.” Aligned Action coaching asks that the client (and coach) move from a mindset of self-control or self-management to one of self-leadership. We take a thoughtful approach to action, choosing behaviors that are aligned with who we are and what we want for the world. When we make the shift to a habit of aligned self-leadership, life takes on a rich quality of choice and a profound sense of freedom.
Currently the classroom training is organized in two parts (courses), each one of 65 hours. This allows for self-managed and self-paced learning.
The classroom experience is primarily hands-on, and individual exercises focus on different ICF core competencies. Participants will coach others, and be coached themselves.
Completion of the entire program (classroom hours, mentoring, work experience and exams) typically takes one to two years. The experience and mentoring hours (after classroom training) are self-paced, so the student determines the timeline. The “fastest” graduate completed in 10 months from the start of class to an Aligned Action International ACTP diploma.

130.5-hour professional coaching certification program (ACTP with ICF) organized in two parts (each one of 10 days).
The program is currently taught in USA, Mexico, UK, Denmark, Serbia and Bulgaria.
The Mastermind of this program is Jan Elfline, MCC (
Jan was teaching students in leading NLP Coaching institutes in USA, Europe and Asia for over 25 years.
In 2013 she created the Aligned Action International Coach Learning Journey that combines the best out of the programs she designed and thought over the years.

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